Pack Llamas for Sale


Potato Ranch Llamas are located in the beautiful Sierra Foothills of Sonora, California. We are approximately three hours east of San Francisco and one and a half hours north of Yosemite Park.

We have operated a self guided llama packing business for the past twenty years. Due to a shortage of pack llamas, we decided to start a small breeding operation. We are now ready to start offering some of our offspring for sale.

At this time the only mature llamas available are a group of nine geldings ages four to five. I rescued them off of a llama ranch that had fallen on hard times. These are mostly short to medium wool and short heights. They are the “unbranded” of the llama world. Prices range from $650 to $1200.

Our goal is to provide trained packers ready to go at age three and up. We will also provide a listing of younger animals as they appear. As most of you know the demand for CCARA style pack llamas far exceeds the supply. A waiting list will be available for those under three years of age.

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